Undercover Agent

I’ve been working undercover for the past year and found out how people at the bottom of our society think and why they vote against their own interests.


Hundreds of people have taken me into their confidences and told me very personal stories, heartbreaking stories, some of which I have put into the movie CROSSING SHAKY GROUND. Through the eyes of an urban gay man who must cross rural Oregon after a devastating earthquake, CROSSING SHAKY GROUND reveals why people believe lies.

The solution to ‘raising the boat for everyone’ isn’t money. Although poverty has a big financial impact, even if this culture was suddenly wealthy they would still make the same decisions they’re making now.

Just as you and I vote, so do they. So how do we convince people, often living in squalor, to make better decisions not just for them but for everyone in the country?

That’s why I’m making CROSSING SHAKY GROUND. Help me start an honest conversation about what we will have to do differently to really change behavior and beliefs.

Contribute to www.gofundme.com/crossing-shaky-ground so I can share what I’ve learned through this movie.